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Are You Balanced?

For optimal health our bodies need to be balanced in six different ways... 1.Energy Field. 2. Circuitry, this includes Chakras, Meridians, Spirit and Physical body, and the circuits of the Organs and Gland. 3.Toxicity, necessary to rid the body of them. 4.Structural, balance of Bones, Organs, Connective Tissue, Muscles, and Nerves. 5.Pathogens, Mold, Viral, Parasites, Fungal and Bacterial also necessary to be rid of. 6. Nutritional, Deficiencies, Dehydration,Magnetic-field, as well as Food or Herbs. Go up to my Home page learn how this works...Read some of my Testimonials.....Scroll though my Blog....leave me a message and I will get back to you...

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