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Heart -Walls are real! When we experience deep grief, hurt or loss the feelings of heartbreak are more than we feel we can handle. Our defense is to protect our-self with an energetic "wall" around our hearts. Trapped emotions are arranged around the heart, layer by layer... these layers keep us from giving and receiving love. These Walls will create depression. It also will cause an "abundance-block"... If you're going to achieve everything that you're capable of achieving, you need to be able to express all that is in your heart. But if you have trapped negative emotions layered around your heart, it is like a barrier or wall and this creates an "abundance-block" and it stands in the way of you succeeding.

Physical Effects of a Heart-Wall are neck pain , shoulder pain, upper back pain and lowered immunity. It will also affect the communications of the heart with the rest of the body. I can affect the Thymus Gland -- this gland sits right on top of the Heart. This could cause problems like repeated bouts of infection and difficulty healing in general....Heart disease, heart attacks, blood pressure problem, chest pain and respiratory difficulties..

Releasing Heart- walls is done by identifying each trapped emotions layer by layer and magnetically releasing it from the main governing meridian.

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