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Emotions Cause Physical Effect for Animals Too.

Here's a story about Chum

"{My friend} told me about her old dog, Chum, who hadn't been able to walk on one foreleg for about three weeks. She'd taken him to the vet a couple of times, had examinations,X-rays and testing, to find that here was nothing apparent for a cause....I asked if she'd like to see how the Emotion Code worked and that with her permission I'd "work" on Chum. She agreed. I had not worked on an animal via proxy.distanced before, so I was as curious as she was!

Chum had three trapped emotions which had been set into place three weeks earlier: 1) Panic, due to being out on the farm property and coming across some coyotes. 2) Fear, due to being frightened of what they might do to him and 3) Shame, due to running home and not standing up to the coyotes, even though he as an elderly dog at the time. After theses trapped emotions were released my friend went outside and called to Chum. And the there was stone silence. I asked if she and Chum were Okay. More silence. And then she said, "I don't believe it !" Chum was up walking on all four feet. She called her other dogs and they raced to Chum, who then took off running and playing with them, with no sign of pain, limping or refusing to use his foreleg. This was a blessing for sweet Chum - and his human family." Gai I - from Canada

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