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Do You Feel Trapped?

Do You feel like you're just at a dead end? You’re not moving ahead! Maybe your relationship is stuck, work just isn’t what you want to do anymore? There are several things that could be going on with trapped emotions that are keeping you from moving forward.

Could it be a Despair Anchor..(A negative statement that is perceived as a truth by the subconscious mind, which will seek to verify or fulfill that truth...Usually created from severe or repetitive negative thinking). Or maybe an Image...(the trapped energy of a "picture in the mind" The subconscious will attempt to fulfill this image, and will direct/or misdirect behavior to make sure this Image "comes true"). It could be a Broadcast message, or even a Memory Field. Let me help you find what is keeping you feeling Trapped. Go up to my Home page learn how easy this is....Scroll through my Blog...Then leave me a message on my Contact and I will get back to you...... There can be a better tomorrow.......

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