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Feelings Buried Alive Never Die!

“It is imperative to understand that your feelings and your thoughts are energy; your FEELINGS and your THOUGHTS are matter. When negative feelings are not resolved as they occur, these feelings remain very much alive in your physical energy field or body and these feelings affect each day of your life.... These buried feelings are very real. They are energies in and of themselves. They are alive, living and constantly affecting you. Those unresolved feelings didn’t go away. They were repressed, suppressed, stuffed or buried. Just because we buried them alive doesn’t mean they are dead. They are not dead unless they are resolved. They are still being registered at and in the cellular level of our being.” (Karol Truman Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, 10, 18) WE- (You, the Creator and I) can work together and release the emotions that are causing you symptom. Just go to Contact and lets talk,

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