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Has Someone Corded to YOU?

Different energies can become connected and influence each of us. Quantum physicists call this phenomena quantum entanglement. You are connected to other people in ways that you cannot see and one of those ways is through energetic cords. Energetic cords are “a link between two groups of particles (humans, for example), and allows these two individuals, once connected in some way to remain connected, and impact the actions, behaviors, and feelings of the other.”

One early cord you experience in life is a physical one: your umbilical. This is obviously a life sustaining cord that you rely on until the moment you are born. A snip of the umbilical cord is what created a physical separation between you and your mother. Since then, we have been creating energetic connections with others all around us. Hopefully these connections result in loving and supportive energetic cords that allow love to flow between you and the person you attach to. Energetic cords generally form because of your desire to love and be loved. They may also form to help you receive what your subconscious feels you need to sustain yourself.

Healthy cords are created subconsciously and received with loving intent. Heart-to-heart connections that result in a cord between people who love one another and are emotionally sustaining, similarly to how your umbilical cord was physically sustaining to your body as it was developing. Usually the first energetic cord you have after birth is with your mother or your primary nurturer because they love and take care of us. Parents and children need heart-to-heart connections and often form cords to each other.

Cords that are made without a real relationship are more likely to be self-serving and lacking pure intent. For instance, if you are seen as a person who has something valuable that someone else wants or needs, they may attach to you and drain your energy hoping to get what they want. It’s likely for them to make a connection like this without really understanding what they are doing. People who are seeking support are not usually doing so with real malice. They could be reaching out for help, feeling desperate or fearful because they don’t trust in the process of life and perceive you as a source of strength.

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